I’m an Associate Professor at the Department of Literature, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. My teaching and research interests concern classic and medieval works and authors from the Western (Latin) tradition. I’m an advocate of digital humanities as well.

I’m also adjunct editor of the Online Digital Edition of Wodeham’s Ordinatio, under the direction of Prof Jeffrey C. Witt.

You can check out my Academia page here.

I’m an enthusiast of the Python programming language, as well as of the document preparation system and markup language LaTeX. You may find some programmes and packages I have written in and for Python and LaTeX at my gitlab page. I created this site with the static blogging platform Jekyll, using a nice theme by Steve V. Miller, and it is hosted as a gitlab page.

I only use GNU/Linux OS on my machines. Both at home and at the office I use Manjaro Linux with the powerful KDE Plasma desktop.